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Real Estate Brokerage

At Zela Properties, We engage in real estate brokerage, where we maintain a working relationship between a prospective property seller and a prospective property buyer. We also engage our services as a licensed broker on behalf of the buyer or seller in acquiring or marketing their property

  • Selling of Real Estate
  • Selling or Buying on behalf of clients

Searching for properties customers desired property and working within their budget and time schedule.

This is where Zela Property services are needed to sieve through the pile of properties and find something that suites our clients specific requirement.


The Wealth Forum:  is an annual conference by Zela consultancy where in collaboration with professionals and passionate corporate partners, we take attendees through the maze that will substantially guarantee wealth creation, investment & successful generational transfer.


Most KEY effort towards advancement involves MARKETING and SALES. Seeing that only the prepared will standout, the Consultancy Services of Zela conducts intensive monthly training program where Experienced Practitioners Not Trainers or Facilitators guide attendees to successfully close marketing efforts through sales using skill-centered method of teaching, combined with learning tools for reinforcement.