The Wealth Forum® by Zela is positioned to DEAL decisively with MONEY SHORTAGE issues in the short run, Proper and Wise Investment in the medium term and assured Generational Wealth and Succession Planning in the Long run.

Money shortage is usually the number one common factor present in life’s difficulties, health problems and majority of life challenges, both Business and Personal.

Research and statistics have shown that about 70% of inherited wealth (family and corporations) is lost by the end of the second generation and 90% by the end of the 3rd generation.

It is time to take a priority re-evaluation on Wealth Creation, Wealth Investment and Legacy building (Generational Wealth and Succession). There is a yawning knowledge gap on various options available to Entrepreneurs, Career Focused Individuals, Progenitors of Wealth and upwardly mobile individuals as well as high net worth persons.

The wealth Forum in collaboration with passionate partners and professionals will take conference delegates through the maze that will substantially guarantee wealth creation, investment & successful generational planning to several generations if not perpetuity.

Zela has become the apostle of open and honest conversations regarding strategies and avenues to create, invest and preserve wealth – hence the slogan “CREATE IT, INVEST and PASS IT ON”.

Attendees Gain amongst others;


1) Knowledge on investment growth and spread

2) Network with high net worth’s

3) Experience practical application on steps towards Wealth

4) One on one with the experts and professionals

5) Renewed confidence and motivation towards smart wealth creation, investment and legacy

6) Calculating and growing your Net Worth.